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Lale Basarir, Ph.D

Assistant Professor @ Izmir University of Economics

Lale Basarir, Ph.D.

Lâle’s professional experience ranges from building architecture to consumer electronics design and to the art of glassblowing. To explore and uncover diverse knowledge, she believes, one needs to stay interdisciplinary. Therefore, she stays at an equal distance to science and art.

The main focus of her curiosity is what human life will turn into and what the sheltering(architectural) possibilities will become as a result of the accelerating pace of technological change. Her graduate thesis for MSc from Architectural Design Computing Program at Istanbul Technical University (ITU) is on “Possible Futures For Architectural Entity Within The Context Of Transdisciplinary Technological Developments”. Later, Lâle completed the inaugural Graduate Studies Program ’09 at Singularity University at NASA Ames Research Center in 2009.

She has a PhD from Izmir Institute of Technology. Design has a nature of triggering fresh vision. Besides her professional work as an architect and industrial designer in the design field, she gives speeches on innovation through design, for manufacturers. Between 2007-09 she has been commissioned as a consultant by the European Union as “Local Senior Short Term Expert”.

She founded Su Düşleri Architecture and Industrial Design Consultancy in 2006, in Istanbul. Her research project ArchiRobie(Artificial Intelligence(AI)Architect) continues in Izmir University of Economics where she is an Assistant Professor at the department of Architecture.